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First concert as a tango Composer called ‘‘Miniatures”, at Amphitheatre "Pierre Y. Aboukhater" in Beirut, on 2nd June 2009.


1-Antoine Dib/accordion

2-Michel Kheiralla/violin

3-Angela Hounanian/violoncello

4-Michael Ashjian/piano and compositions

5-Fady Rashid/guitar

6-Laurie Yapoudjian/clarinete

7-Alice Farhat/flute

8-Zaher Sabaaly 





”Live Tango Concert-Show", under the patronage of the Argentinean Embassy in Lebanon, at UNESCO Palace, Saturday 8th May 2010.




1-Antoine Dib/accordion

2-Michel Kheirallah/violin

3-Angela Hounanian/violoncello

4-Michael Ashjian/piano and compositions

5-Fady Rashid/guitar

6-Talal fakih/clarinet

7-Zaher Sabaaly/contra-bass

8-Nadine Nassif/vocalise

9-Ibrahim Jaber/precussion


 Artistic direction and choreography by Shant Anserlian of Bailando Group






First CD called Tangomania, comprising 12 original compositions , recorded with today’s famous tango stars of Buenos Aires -Argentina !


1-Eva Wolff/bandoneon

2-Pablo Agri/violin

3-Jorge Perez Tedesco/violoncello

4-Michael Ashjian/piano/compositions/texts

5-Esteban Fallabella/guitar

6-Daniel Falasca/contra-bass

7-Matias Grande/2nd violin

8-Benjamin Bru Pesce/viola

9-Silvia Legui/singer

10-Alberto Burgos Dias/voice


Tango Duet at AUB 2013

5th June 2013: Tango Duet at AUB Beirut.

Sevan Habib/soprano

Michael Ashjian/piano

Tango Duet at AUB 2013




7th June 2012: Performing of Tangomania in Beirut at DRM in Hamra.

1-Antoine Dib/accordion
2-Haifa Abourjeily/violin
3-Angela Hounanian/violoncello
4-Michael Ashjian/piano
5-Raffi Mandalian/guitar
6- Makram Aboul Hosn/contra-bass

With participation of Sevan Habib/soprano



6th in May 2014 :“Michael Ashjian’s Original Compositions, performed by Family of Colleagues from The Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music”.

Musicians: Loucine and Tsoler Panjarian/piano four hands

Orsolya Mohacsy and Annie Balabanian / violin and piano duet

Noemi Boroka Tetezi and Fadi Rachid / violoncello and guitar duet

Kamila Yerkanian-Keshishian / piano solo

Mathilda Sandra Cholakian / piano solo

Suzanna and Armen Ketchek / piano four hands

Tango Ensemble:
Antoine Dib/ accordion

Mario Rahi / violin

Michael Ashjian / piano

Zaher Sebaaly / contra-bass

Zakar Keshishian / Armenian Duduk


Michael Ashjian's Original Compositions, Performed by Family of Colleagues from The Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music  2014

At Shoushi's Art Museum in Artsakh-Armenia

With Mrs.Narine Aghabalian, Minister of Culture and Youth of Artsakh

At Shoushi’s Art Museum in Artsakh-Armenia

17th July 2014: First concert at Shoushi’s Art Museum in Artsakh-Armenia. Under the Patronage of Artsakh’s Youth and Culture Ministry.


Ardashes Grigorian/ flute

Armenak Hagopian/ violoncello

Gagig Mirzoian/ accordion

Michael Ashjian/ piano and compositions.